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About CoinDebit

Coin Debit launched in 2020 with a simple goal, to help people load bitcoin onto a pre-paid debit card securely, fast, and anonymously. With a team of just two young entrepreneurs — the company set out to create a simple and secure software solution that would enable people from all over the globe to participate in the one of the best ways of converting your crypto into payable debit cards privately.

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Our mission is to help the crypto community convert their digital bitcoin assets into quickly ready to use debit cards that can be for online or in-person purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my balance?
You can check your balance by visiting "Lookup Card" on the Coin Debit app on our website.
Where can I use my card?
You can use your card anywhere that accepts debit/credit cards.
How much money can I load onto a Coin Debit Card?
At the moment you can load $250 onto a card at one time.
What are the fees associated?
There are no fees associated with Coin Debit. We earn money through fees paid by the merchant to process the transaction.
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